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New Hope Family Services under fire by NYS officials: "Violate your beliefs, or be forced to shut do

New Hope Family Services in Syracuse NY, has been a faith-based family services agency since 1965. Their mission- "To be Christ's hands extended to offer hope and help with people with pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and post-abortion needs in the Syracuse area, and throughout NY State."-is coming under fire by the Office of Children and Family Services. 

   New Hope's policy, based on their long-held Christian beliefs, is to place children with married, heterosexual couples.

    The NYS Office of Children and Family Services disagrees with the policy, and has notified the agency,stating that New Hope is in violation of Title 18 NYCRR § 421.3. The OCFS states that New Hope's policy is "discriminatory, and impermissible"- telling the agency that they must violate their beliefs by changing the policy, or "The OCFS will no longer allow the New Hope adoption program to continue."

    Representing New Hope is The Alliance Defending Freedom, who recently spoke to CBN news saying that "The New York State OCFS is violating New Hope's freedom of religion."  ADF Legal Counsel Jeana Hallock says that "New Hope has served the community for 50 years, with a comprehensive 'arm-around-the-shoulder' ministry." "Protecting non-profit organizations like New Hope does NOT interfere with other agencies-who have different convictions- providing services."

   "Eliminating New Hope simply because of it's faith based policies means that fewer children will find their loving, forever homes, and fewer parents will welcome home children, and fewer people in need will receive the support and care that New Hope has been providing for decades." 

  Last week, ADF Attorneys urged a federal court to stop the New York State Office of Children and Family Services from targeting New Hope.

If you, or someone you know in the Syracuse,NY Area can benefit from the faith based services that New Hope Family Services provides, contact them

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